I’m wearing a turtle neck. Again.

75 and sunny* is a little brrr this morning. Somehow I feel okay with the sweater today, almost as if I’m paying homage to my New York.  I could feel the chill in the text messages and in the voices of the loved ones three thousand miles away.  Ahhh… winter twenty eleven is pretty white.

In other news… check out the list below for some little things that will make an AWESOME difference in your day.






alone time… with yourself

trying something new


saying hello to everyone with a smile

being genuine

watching anything Oprah produces


listening to and learning from other people

The food


green tea

using more spices

adding a daily fruit

making time to eat more than one meal

eating breakfast

The fitness moves (1 minute each)

stationary high knees

mountain climbers

simple stand up/ lie downs

old fashioned situps

vintage pushups

old school jumping jacks

& A turtle neck sweater will make a big difference in below 5 degree weather.

Side note… I  also wanted to know how you all felt about lists?  I’m  not sure if I like that act of listing.  I personally tend to forget the contents of the list but I find “To Do” lists quite effective.  Over the next few days… try to do at least two things from each category above.

Let’s start making these days…AWESOME.

Cozy Hugs,


* California… to me California always seems to be 75 degrees… and sunny.