Beautifully Fit Doll

It’s true, Lauren is beautiful.  The girl belongs on a runway in Paris.  Her brunette locks cascade down her back, her legs go on for days and she’s got a shape that I’m sure coca cola patents their bottles after.   She’s easy breezy, effortlessly comfortable with people and warm.  And kind.  The kind of gal you would feel comfortable leaving your kids with.

I should probably take this time to tell you that she was also one of my dearest clients from years past.  I remember meeting her and thinking… “Now if only we…

…Eased up on the one hundred and one bagels

…Cut out the ciggies

…Nixed the beer garden visits”

Her body was the perfect canvas.  I would get to be the lucky artist.  She was already beautiful, so it was just a matter of getting her fit.  Tears, fears and months later… the bagels disappeared.  A laundry bag full of tough love and hundreds of thousands of leg work hours logged… there she was…

Beautiful as ever. And Fit.

Love this girl… meet Lauren!