morning. noon. night.

One of the greatest gifts I’ve been given is the ability to make friends easily.  I am genuinely just interested in people.  It comes from a curiosity to learn about fascinating differences in cultures, tradional customs and layered lifestyles that dictate skirt lengths, which days to worship, peculiar beauty regimens, creative remedies to ailments and even how we celebrate life and death.

Our human needs and wants bind us closer than the words “Thank” & ”You.”  Whether you live in Madrid or in Rio, Guyana or in Senegal what I’ve learned is that at the end of the day we are more similar than we are different. Our ’need’ for love and our ever present ‘want’ for importance is clearer than the glass of water sitting on the table beside me.

Which brings me to tell you about my friend Hideiki {hee day you kee).  He’s Japanese.  He speaks Spanish fluently with his Japanese accent but somehow sounds French. Can you hear that?  Hideiki is a delight, his style is very clean cut. Fitted pants. Crisp shirts. Trench coats. And cowboy boots. Always cowboy boots.  The kind of person you always feel a little bit smarter around and more informed about social relations after leaving his company.

Remind me to tell you about the time when his sister who speaks no English helped me (And I don’t speak Japanese) navigate Tokyo.  Who needs words when you have body language, universal hand signals and a whole lot of intuition?  And a smile. Always a smile.  It’s that human connection I mentioned earlier.  Oh oh and… I’ll also tell you about how Hideiki and I met in bartending school and about the time when I almost threw up all over his car in my quest to get a ‘A’ in class.  Overachiever dreams.

Yes...again! It's that good.

Most of all though I want to share with you my love of tea.  I’m a tea luva.  Aside from saving the world, putting together my first ever family reunion, attending flight school and living like a French girl in Paris, opening a tea store is high up on my To Do List. Notice there is no mention of mountain climbing.

Tea…Aahhhh.  Green. Ginger. White.  They are all very high in cancer fighting agents (people come on now, we really need to be proactive in our fight against cancer).  They are also very slimming and soothing.  And if pizza cravings ever linger for more than two seconds…grab a cup of tea.

I usually switch up my teas every two weeks or so to avoid boredom and to keep my body responding to the different compounds… right now I’ve got Genmaicha Green with Roasted Rice in my cup.  In Japan, every place that serves food offers green tea… for free.  It’s similar to the way water is offered at restaurants in the U.S. 0$.  It’s pure, fresh, soothing and is loaded with antioxidants.  You can get the tea bags in any tea store and just add hot water.  For clear skin and a beautiful complexion do like the Japanese do and pass on the sugar.

In case you missed the first two.

Make friends over tea,