non-runner runner


Hi, I’m Deeyarah and I am a non-runner.  Well not really. Kind of. A little tiny tiny bit.  And so the story goes… All my life I’ve never enjoyed running or jogging or sprinting or anything that resembled running.  Nevvver!




Not me.

My dad ran track in his young days, my brother did too, and so did my high school sweetheart.  There were no signs of athleticism in my coordination, I wasn’t exactly a girly-girl but I wasn’t being selected for anyone’s team.  I tried to play squash but lost every game I played so I wasn’t really amazing at it.  Basketball wasn’t my thing either, and although I would have tried soccer the opportunity never presented itself.  In my early teens my girlfriends and I became pretty conscious of our bodies so we started to try to keep in shape.  That looked like a run on the seawall, for me it was the most painful thing.  I didn’t have physical pain but I was bored out of my mind.  I just didn’t enjoy it, at all.  On the best day I’d have the most lazy looking run, you should have seen it… my feet barely left the ground, I was huffing and puffing and out of breath, all I could think of was ‘When are we going to stop?’  Just five minutes of running felt like two hours, of sprinting.  The experience was ughhh… what I’d imagine birth pains to be.  I just wasn’t having a good time.

Fast forward to adulthood growing up today I understand the value of running, the cardiovascular benefits, the conditioning and endurance, the proprioception and coordination.  I appreciate it.  One of the reasons I enjoy becoming Beautifully Fit is the appreciation for all kinds of fitness.  Understanding that you don’t have to be doing just one kind of discipline to be fit, and in fact, the beautifully part is about the balance of finding your thing and experiencing other things… even to just appreciate them.  I’ve never experienced a runner’s high like my mother does, I can remember every moment of thinking when are we going to stop in the half marathon, I’ve count every second of every treadmill run, I’ve fallen and bruised scraped the flesh off my knees, I’ve run into a sign which hit me so hard in the face I almost passed out but was so embarrassed that yaddy yaddy yada,  I’ve lost a toe nail after a 5k, I’ve run in the below twenty blistering cold weather wearing three sweaters -no gloves-no hat just so I could spend time with my brother before he moved to Texas.

I’m not a runner but I run.

And I kind of like it.

Sort of.


-Deeyarah, a non-runner runner!