Stretch Your Boundaries

Why people don’t stretch is beyond me.  Well not really… I used to be one of those people.  I’d do a great leg workout on the stairs and then a very brief, mild cool down and then rush out the gym.

Too busy.  Too concerned with just the workout.  I figured the body would take care of the rest if I did the entire workout at full throttle for an hour.

Well… it doesn’t work that way.  Not for longevity any way.  If you want to stay in the game and stay relevant and uninjured then stretching should be a huge part of your workout.

You elongate your muscles fibers

You ease tension and release muscles preventing fatigue

You allow the muscle to tone up faster and grow they way you want

You become more flexible and in tune with the way your body feels

You heal faster

You feel like a million bucks

* Stretches are like a bath… they are best WARM so remember to warmup the body first and of course, after your workout.

That’s Rachele… Start stretching and you’ll be on your way to that pose in no time.