Hey Everyone!  Right now… I have New York on the mind and I promise to remember that I’m no longer in New York’s current below 5 temperature so I’ll stop wearing turtle necks.  Brownie’s pinkie promise.

Anyhow… in CHOW, which is a category here on the blog* I’m talking abs friendly restaurants, the New York edition. Wouldn’t it be great if the chef at the restaurant just understood that we need all the meals to be ‘lite’ and ‘low’ and ‘free’ of all things fatty but still be high in flavor?  Wouldn’t that be a perfect world?  If only.

It’s up to you.  Up to us!   During my time in New York I discovered some excellent restaurants for keeping the waistline small and abs flat.  These places  stand out when it comes to flavor, health and are wallet friendly.  I give you:


DINNER is where we finish for fine dining and lower east side culture.

calling Japanese… after visiting Asia and seeing how the other side of the world lived, particularly the Japanese I fell in love with two things: their barbeque and their green tea.  Oh and their dishware… heck, I loved all things Japanese.  What was great about their barbeque dining was that the seating consisted of pillows on the floor and the table had a big round grill in the center of it.  I had no idea what was going on but then I realized I was going to have to cook my own food.  What the…?  No worries.  All the meats and veggies were the best cuts, thinly sliced and seasoned to perfection LMMI**. The best part was that it took T-2 seconds to cook.  The ambiance and healthy assortment of veggies and meats make this a great place for a celebration like a birthday or an anniversary… I’d reserve it for a special occasion!  Not say… a blind date.  Kapeesh?!

Midtown & Lower East Side: Gyu Kaku {YOU KA COO}

*promotes self cooking *great ambiance *delicious & yummy at the same time *healthy cuts, no extras, perfect portions *budget friendly *ideal for lunch or dinner  (Oh, good news, there’s one in my new hometown of Los Angeles)


LUNCH allows you to take a nice stroll through the borough of Queens.

FRESH FRESH FRESH with Flavor!  After all they are Brazilian inspired.  Options for deliciously healthy food.  They’ve got wraps, juices, brown rice, salmon, chicken, beans, some of the freshest cleanest romaine lettuce I’ve ever seen.   They’ve got locations all over NY in Bayside, Astoria and Manhasset.  Oh, and they are very consumer friendly, they even named a wrap after me – called the Deeyarah Wrap!  Check it out!!!  I was never a “salad” person but they made me love the salads, particularly one called “the Caribbean Salad” with mandarine oranges and avocado… like a volcano of love in my mouth … yummy!  And, if that is not enough Juice for Life offers a lunch special that combines a whole bunch of meals/juices/soups for the cost of one… crazy!  Crazy goooood.


BREAKFAST is where we start out; the upper upper upper West Side of Manhattan… a hair strand away from the Bronx.

Just ask them and they’ll make it like you want it.  What I love about Noemi is that you have tons of options and all meals are made fresh and with the healthiest ingredients.  You can get a great shot of wheat grass {this is a whole other post} but the benefits of wheat grass are ridiculous {in the best way… ever}.  I usually get the egg white omelette with bell peppers and feta cheese & a side of grapefruit (a big side).

These restaurants have mastered taste and food presentation but it is the professionalism, the attention to detail and the friendliness of the staff that make them true gems.

The best part though… they’ll help you keep your abs in check.

75…and sunny,


* Dad is a big fan of the blog.  He’s probably the biggest. Bless his heart as he diplomatically tries to tell me every single day that I should list out the categories. :)  I will.  I Love you Dad.

** LMMI -Like mamma made it